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Potty Training

Point me in the right direction: Potty related

Did not see this specific Potty Training board at first so I apologize for the double post: 

DD is just shy of 2 and used her potty for the first time today. We had bought it a few months ago when she was interested, but never pushed it. We would praise her for sitting on it and would casually ask her if she wanted to go.  In the past couple of weeks she's been coming to DH and me, taking our hands, and saying she has to go potty while leading us to it. So we sit and wait with her, she'll sing songs, read, etc., but nothing in the potty. This morning, however, she ran to me and said she had to "poo poo". I got up and she walked awkwardly to her little potty, pulled her pants down, I helped her unlatch her diaper, and she went in her potty!  We, of course, celebrated and cheered and it was a great family moment.  I'm just wondering now if we keep it casual and let her tell us when she needs to go or if we should go ahead and instigate an actual training method like 3-day?  Thanks for your thoughts!

Re: Point me in the right direction: Potty related

  • It's up to you, if it was me I'd start actively potty training.  Chloe showed interest around 20 months and we went with it.  She did great.  We had one little relapse a few months later but we stuck with it.  We still have the occasional accidents, but only one or two a week.  And they are often parent related (example: try to make it to one more store before a potty break).  
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    Sounds like she is totally ready, more than ready actually. Telling you in advance that she needs to pee is actually a few steps along on the potty training timeline. I'd take her lead and totally transition into full potty training.
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