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Bedtime Bath

Do any of you use any brand of Bedtime Bath on your newborns?  My DD is 2 weeks and 1 day old and I was curious about when I can use the bath washes and lotions that have scents.  One of the pediatric nurses in the hospital told us not to use those and that if you read on the bottles, it will tell you when its OK to use them.  There isn't anything on my bottles that I have to tell me this.  I figure if it wasn't OK for newborns, it will would say it on the bottle.  What do you all think?
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Re: Bedtime Bath

  • I'll probably get flamed for the formaldehyde or whatever but I use the Johnson and Johnson lavender scent bedtime bath. We got it as a gift and it smells delicious. I think scents are just to ensure they don't have allergies. Same thing with detergents.

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  • Our pedi said no products till 2 weeks old, after that use whatever we want.
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  • I use the Aveeno one that smells like Lavender. It's very mild and yummy!
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  • image Leni410:
    Our pedi said no products till 2 weeks old, after that use whatever we want.

    This exactly!

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  • I was given some Johnson & Johnson stuff, they smell good, but I haven't used it.

    I bought some Burt's Bees.. and at first I didn't care for the smell, it didn't smell bad.. or good to me, but I couldn't justify throwing away $25 worth of soap and lotion. Right now though, the smell is growing on me and he smells fresh and clean after baths and I like it.

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  • Our hospital said no bath products for the first month.

    ETA: when I do start to use products I'm leaning towards Neals yard or burts bees.

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  • image CrazyMary77:
    I use the Aveeno one that smells like Lavender. It's very mild and yummy!

    We use this lotion and it smells Sooooooo good! we use California baby soap. We've been using both since she was around 2weeks
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  • emisiemisi
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    I love California Baby wash.  Smells fabulous, works really well.  We were using J&J, and DS had lots of little pimples on his face.  We switched and they cleared right up.  Plus the previously mentioned formaldehyde issue and the fact that what makes it "no tears" is a numbing agent.  Yuck.
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  • Liz629Liz629
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    FTM mom here...I have never heard any of the stuff about the JJ stuff. Is there any article I can read, I would like more info since I have been using it on LO since he was two weeks
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