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When did your m/s ease up?

Each day seems like its worse than before tonight I'm ok but so much more sick than I was with my son. Zofran is doing nothing unfortunately and I'm sipping lots of water. When did it ease up and is it usually worse with multiples?

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Re: When did your m/s ease up?

  • The day after delivery... it was horrible.


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  • Somewhere around 13 weeks, however I still threw up off and on until 20 weeks, I just wasn't nauseous all the time.  My m/s was worse with the twins, but it was my second pregnancy and I was four years older than the first.  I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it.
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  • Mine eased up around 15/16w...give a few days leeway. My exhaustion took longer to get over. Since the m/s passed, Ive been pretty good with not having anymore issues with it. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I really didnt have any issues with the first two pregnancies...but holy heck did this one run me down, sickness wise and exhaustion wise. Hope it all eases up for you soon!
  • This is my first pregnancy. Mine ended around week 18. Then it came back for 3 days at week 22 almost started crying but after 3 days it went away! and now I'm at 24 weeks and I feel great! There is hope. I will also say that those B6 drops did help me more than anything else... I ate them one after another for weeks. Hope you feel better!!
  • I noticed it getting better around 18 weeks, by 20 I was golden. Hang in there! Zofran worked well for me, but I was taking it around the clock...not just 2 pills per day.

    Forgot to add...acid reflux hit about 25 weeks and I went back to puking every single night. That was awful!

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    Mine disappeared at the start of my second trimester, 13 weeks or so, and luckily hasn't crept its way back yet. Hope you get to feeling better soon!
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    I was on Zofran until I delivered. It eased up a bit during the second tri, but came back with a vengeance during my third tri.
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  • Mine was absolutely unbearable in the beginning and it finally eased up at 18 weeks or so, at least to the point where I was able to start cutting back on the meds.  I took two Zofran a day; I had to pop the first one in before I even got out of bed for it to work at all, and the second one was eight hours later.  I also took compazine every other day and that knocked it out more than anything else, and I kept hard candy on me at all times to suck on, especially while driving or riding in a car.  And even now, I still throw up randomly in the mornings sometimes.  It sucks, but you will get through it!

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  • That's terrible, I'm so sorry, I know the feeling! Mine lasted from 6 weeks to 16 weeks. I popped Zofran at the most frequent imterval that it was allowed and it also did nothing. As far as how long it lasts, it really depends on the person. I have two friends from school also pregnant with twins, one has no ms, the other's didn't stop til around 20 weeks. And, as you can see with pp's, some have it their whole pregnancy. I hope yours goes away soon!
  • At 17wks I was feeling better and off of Zofran.
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  • 16 weeks and didn't come back.
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  • about 15 weeks but I still had litte episodes of it until the end but nothing compared to the stuff at the beginning
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  • About 24 weeks for me, hope it ends soon for you!
  • I had it so bad! Doc wouldn't let me take zofran so I suffered! Mine went past the average by an extra month and yes the MFM said its worse bc of double the hormones. GL I remember being sick at home, getting to work and getting sick again, trying to hide from my students! I wore sea bands and I thought that helped some. Smells were the worst too!
  • I am 32 weeks now and it eased up about 15 weeks


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