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Alimentum RTF Vs Powder

Hi all! DS has been 100% on (powder) Alimentum for 3 weeks now with no problems. Happy, gaining weight, no GI issues, better sleep, the whole works. Back to the happy baby we had before all the issues started. Last weekend, a friend offered me a couple free bottles of the RTF stuff. Even though we had been happy with the powder and he has been fine, we wanted to try the RTF to see if he'd like it so that we'd have the option for ease or whatever. We used them Sunday/Monday/1st bottle Tuesday and were pleased to see that he liked them just as much as the powder. Then we went back to powder because we were out of RTF. 

Wednesday afternoon, we had some blood for the first time in 3 weeks. I'm thinking of blaming the RTF since that's the only thing that was different, but from what I've googled, it's more common for them to react to the powder and the RTF is easier. Has the RTF caused anyone issues? Or did I break my baby by doing liquid and then going back?!?! I have an IRL friend who used powder and just switched to RTF for ease when traveling with no issues, so I didn't think anything of giving it a try. 

I'm going to call the pedi on Monday if we see blood again, but figured I'd check with others who may have been in our boat. Thanks! :) 

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