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wonder week

So I saw a.post with u ladies talking about wonder weeks and your LOs are eating less and sleeping longer? This is how Ella has been for 3 days..not sure if its ww or doesn't like new formula..also been sleeping 5 to 5 and a half hour stretches where it used to be two to threw four if I was lucky..my question is when ur LO wonder week ended did they go back to normal sleep pattern or keep the longer stretches.. I'm nervous now I don't want her to regress

Re: wonder week

  • When my LO was going through a wonder week she slept LESS then when she wasnt going through her wonder week. So when she was out of it, she went back to sleeping longer periods. You can download the Wonder Weeks App- and it tells you what to expect and how to help your LO. It also counts down how many days left of the WW and counts down to the next WW. Good Luck!
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