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19 weeks and scared:(

I am having twins and I am so scared I will not be able to continue work until the end of aug. I do have std but I am not sure if they pay for bed rest. The doctors say everything looks great but I feel huge. I stand on my feet all day. I have had my hours cut back to 4 days a week 6 hrs because of the standing and will make them shorter next month. It just seems every story I have read no one stayed working and everyone ended up on bed rest. is there anyone who worked at least until 7 months?
Finally my dream came true:) I'm pregnant!

Re: 19 weeks and scared:(

  • I have a desk job, so it was easier for me to continue working but I worked until 36 weeks, commuting by public transportation. I was also really active at the end of my pregnancy, as we had recently moved into a new house and I was doing a lot around the house. I had a scheduled c section at 38 weeks, no bed rest, no complications. Just try to rest when you can, drink lots of water, and call your doctor when something doesn't seem right. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
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  • FWIW I went on bedrest at 19 weeks until I delivered at 35w6d. As long as my bedrest was "prescribed" so to speak and I didn't voluntarily put myself on bedrest, I was covered for 12 weeks STD and FMLA.
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    This worries me too. I need to be able to work as long as possible as I'm the sole breadwinner right now and I can only take 8 weeks off paid. I have an office job and hope that I'll be able to work from home in bed at the end if necessary. So far so good but I have a long way to go.
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  • I'm a nurse who works 3 12 shifts on my feet. I just went on maternity leave at 32weeks. It was difficult the last few weeks but I was able to manage. With that being said I'm glad I am not working. I'm only able to sleep about 4 hrs a night because I'm so uncomfortable so it is nice having the chane to nap now that I'm not working.
  • i'm a dr. I delivered other people's babies until 24 weeks. I was in the office full time seeing patients until 32 weeks and part time (1/2 days) until 36 weeks.  you can do it.  many people work til the end.  you can do it!

    FWIW. STD should cover any medically indicated restrictions. it's FMLA you have to worry about - for some people their companies count STD leave towards their FMLA.

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  • I worked until about 33 weeks but I have a desk job.

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  • Thanks everyone for your responses, sounds great!
    Finally my dream came true:) I'm pregnant!
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