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Room sharing advice- which room?

My older two will be sharing a room once baby arrives. They get along great and sleep well so I'm not hugely concerned about that part of it. But, I don't know which room to combine them into. My DD absolutely LOVES her current room. She gets so excited to show it to new visitors, likes to play quietly there, etc. and it is larger than my DS's room. So at first I thought it would make more sense to move him, given that he doesn't show any preference for his bedroom at that age, and she likes hers so much. But, the floor plan makes her bigger room super awkward for a sharing layout. We could make it work but it would always look sort of haphazard.

DS's room has a really easy layout for sharing, but it's smaller so very little of their personal things would fit. Toys, all but a few books, and even some clothes would have to be kept elsewhere.


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Re: Room sharing advice- which room?

  • I vote the bigger room. It will be worth a haphazard layout to have everything in one place. :)
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  • Ditto, all in one place and not having to worry about transitioning DD into a different room.


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  • 2 of our 3 share a room and they have the same space.  We opted to keep the older one in her current room and do bunk beds.  Our oldest has been 4 when moving to bunks.
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