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helmet update

Helmet update

Happy Friday!  After 10 weeks in a helmet, Ryan's head has been declared round and he's been discharged from wearing it.  We had a very positive experience with the entire process.  Anyone in the same situation who wants more details feel free to PM me.

On the down side, now that Ryan is crawling, the helmet has saved him a lot of bumps and tears when he's fallen over on the floor.  I'm not looking forward to him exploring the tile floor without it.   Making today bitter sweet, more sweet than bitter, but bitter sweet.

D & R were born at 37w5d.

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Re: helmet update

  • Wow that's awesome! 10 weeks is a long time, did he sleep in it too? Very cute pic!
  • Awesome! I bet his noggin looks perfect! I hear you on the protection the helmet brings. I do like that aspect, especially with a big sister running around here :)

    We got word at our last appointment that Lucy is halfway through her treatment. Betsy didn't get her helmet at the same time, so she still has a way to go.  

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  • thanks ladies.  He did sleep in it without any issues Reilly.
    D & R were born at 37w5d.

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  • That's great news!  Happy to hear he's doing well!
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