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I just discovered this board so this is my first time posting. I'm a FTM and live in Fort Wayne where i do not know a lot of people. My husband and i are the first of our friends to have a baby- most of them aren't married either- so i'm hoping to find other momma's with little ones. I'm due Oct. 3 with a boy! Anyone else near us?

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    I'm from Indy, but I think we do have a handful of mamas in the Ft. Wayne area.  Just wanted to say welcome and congratulations!
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  • I'm from Muncie. Due November 2, also with a boy.

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    I'm from Muncie. Due November 2, also with a boy.


    I'm also in Muncie!  I'm due early January. 

    Welcome to!

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    I'm new to Fort Wayne. I'm a FTM and due Dec 4. My husband and I just moved here and don't know anyone yet. Any recommendations on an Ob/Gyn?
  • Dr. Baker with Parkview is great.
  • I am also located in Fort Wayne.
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