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And you want supervised visits...

So now that we have our lawyer on our payroll after BM filed a motion for supervised visits, she decides she doesn't have to call anymore?  I don't get it.  Tuesday she calls way too late and now Thursday she doesn't call at all.  DH says she will have an excuse as to why, like school or work.  He has said countless times, if you need to call earlier or later than time specified, just tell him but she never does.  She just decides to call when she wants too. 

How in the world is she going to do supervised visits when she can't even call when she is supposed too.   Its not like they talk for an hour, they are 4 and 3, its more like 10 minutes max.  

I know I will never understand but I need to vent somewhere and have others tell me that I am not the crazy one. lol 

Re: And you want supervised visits...

  • What is her reasoning for supervised visits? And what is the CO for calls?
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    She has no custody of the girls.  She is allowed to call DSD's twice a week, at DH disgression.  They agreed about days and time(after BM changed it a handful of times).  She has never called when they had agreed to the calls. 

    In order for her to get any custody back, she has to prove she has been sober for 180 days, stable and either attend school or get a job.  She says she has done all those things, so that is why she filed for supervised visits.

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