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9 hrs 1 feeding

DS only woke up for one feeding last night in a 9 hr period... He is almost one month. He woke up other times but it was because of gas, he wasn't interested in food.
Is this normal?

Re: 9 hrs 1 feeding

  • Yes, my son started doing that around one month. It happens off and on. Like the night before, woke up 3 times for food. Last night, other than a nightmare I guess ( threw me completely off) he didn't wake up until 7 am and he slept from 11pm.
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    It's normal. When DS turned a month old, he started sleeping for longer stretches and only waking 1-2 times a night. Now at almost 3 months, he STTN most nights.

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  • Yup, that is just fine.  After they regain their birth weight, you can let them truly feed on demand, which means if they go several hours between feedings at night, it's no big deal.  Enjoy your sleep mama!



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