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is it possible?

Is it possible for my baby to cry for medicine?
My son is almost one month and he just woke up for what I thought was a feeding, he didn't take the bottle or pacifier, so I decided to change him. By this point he was screaming! So I tried burping him, again screaming. Tried bottle and pacifier again and he would take one or the other for a moment then scream.
Last stitch effort, gave him his gas drops and he stopped immediately. He took them and went right back to sleep...
Is this normal? Could he be learning that there is something to make him feel better??

Re: is it possible?

  • Maybe it's more that you are learning when he needs gas drops. Give yourself some credit Mom, you fixed LO's problem.
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    The gas drops likely taste different.  Many of them contain some sugar...hospitals use sugar water to ease pain in babies...likely the same effect.

     Could also just be that baby was done with crying by that point!


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  • The taste of the gas drops or gripe water always make my LO stop crying ... at least for a little while.
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