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Trouble sleeping

I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble sleeping since our Angels said goodbye? 

I can not fall asleep anymore, I have to take a lot of sleep medicine to be able to fall asleep three hours after I take it. If I try to take a small amount of sleep aid it takes until one in the morning to fall asleep then I wake up at four or five am wide awake and I can't fall back asleep. I know it is anxiety, but I just want to be able to make my mind slow down and stop thinking about everything and stressing out over even the smallest things. Most nights I stare at her urn, I have it on my desk next to my bed. After awhile doing that I start a slide show on my phone of all of the pictures that I have of her.  

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Re: Trouble sleeping

  • It has only been a few nights but I too am having trouble sleeping. I'm exhausted during the day but can't nap. As soon as I get in to bed in wide awake. I hate that DH can just fall asleep while I lay there awake. I also cant seem to have solid sleep once i do finally doze off. I then find myself waking up between 4 and 5, with no where near enough sleep. Hoping it passes soon.
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  • i am the same way it was really bad at first after we lost Grace i couldnt go to sleep and i had to have my husband in bed with me to go to sleep.. i also went through a phase where i didnt want to be alone either. now i just take anxiety meds and some over the counter sleep stuff at night.
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  • I remember having trouble sleeping for the first few months after I lost Ian. I was having to take sleep aids every night too. They really didn't help much and I was unable to function during the day. All I can offer, is that with time, it WILL get better. Please know that you are not alone and what you are experiencing is completely normal.

    BIG HUGS!!!

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    The six weeks I was on medical leave = an average of four hours of sleep a night. I just couldn't get my brain to shut down; and when it did, I couldn't fall asleep. I didn't want to take sleeping pills because I had DS, so I just loaded up on coffee for the day and tried to crash out at night. After I went back to work - and was forced to get back on a routine and not be a zombie - things got better. Every now and then, I still have a hard time sleeping. *hugs*


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  • Yes, particulary that first month. After that, it got better. I can sleep pretty normally now, though some nights I get teary while trying to fall asleep because thoughts creep in. I found soft music, warm/cold showers (depending on weather), incense and reading helped me fall asleep those early weeks.

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  • In the first couple days I slept all the time I felt like that was the only way I could breath easy and maybe it was all a bad dream.. now, after 2 weeks it takes forever and even then its not deeply and I have nightmares :( What makes it worse is I want to lay there and talk about her till i fall asleep but I can't because DH has to go to sleep early since he gets up at 3 am for work.
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