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So my LO spent a little bit of time at my moms today while I went to dinner with a friend. I came to pick her up and they said she projectile vomitted after 3 ounces. My LO eats 5 oz every 3 1/2 oz. and has been on this same routine now going on 2 weeks. I don't understand why she projectile vommited? My mom did say a lot of people were at the house and were holding her and playing with her. She used to quiet and calmness here at home- could she maybe have jut had too much stimulation? Anyone else have this happen to them?

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  • I have, with DD1. A LOT. At like 3 in the morning. It's pretty normal. Could have been a large air bubble, over stimulation, or she just wasn't really as hungry as she may have seemed.

    As long as she seemed fine afterwords I wouldn't be too concerned. Although, I feel sorry for your mom, it's like the worst experience I have ever had with my LO haha.

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  • It could be that people were holding her a lot etc.  My son projectile vomits several times daily so it is normal for him but my other kids did it a handful of times and there was nothing wrong except for being overfed or overhandled.

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  • Honestly, I wouldn't worry.  People tend to think forceful spit up is projectile vomiting and they also tend to over estimate how much was actually spit up.  Forceful spit up is going to travel some.  Projectile is like, Exorcist-across the room kind of crazy.  If you take an ounce of liquid and pour it on a table it looks like a LOT.  My money is on not enough burping and too much jostling.
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  • my LO has done that a few times. both times it was directly after feeding him and a busy day (where we had taken him out and he was passed around alot) and putting him in the car to go back i figured it might be due to the movement after eating a lot.  it was definitely projectile and not his usual spit up.  he was happy right after it happened though. it went all over my clothes and hair!  the doctor said not to worry unless it becomes a daily problem.
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