Finalization keeps getting pushed back!

It's so frustrating!  Even though it's already finalized in our hearts and minds, there is just something about making it official and having our last name be hers as well on that birth certificate!  First, we were waiting on a court hearing because BF is not responding to anything.  He didn't show up to the hearing, either (surprise, surprise) so they said finalization would be within 30 days, which would have been end of June.  DH just heard from the attorney today and the judge can't fit it into his schedule until either July 17 or 30, not sure which yet.  How annoying!  Just needed to vent my frustration, even though I know I need to be patient.
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Re: Finalization keeps getting pushed back!

  • I'm so sorry. I feel ya. DD's birthfather flat out didn't respond to any of the adoption stuff, so we had to wait. And wait. Then the lawyer we were using had medical issues within his staff, so the temps were scrambling to try and get stuff done. It seemed to take forever, but it finally happened.

    Hang in there

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    I am sorry this is taking so long for you but as one who has been waiting to even bring a LO home my sympathy is a bit weak.  Just enjoy the time you have and know this will happen.

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