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Elle's Birth Story... PIP

So I promised a good story...  And here it is. (At least I think it is anyway).

I had been complaining for days that I just wanted to be done with my pregnancy.  I was tired and uncomfortable.  My due date was anywhere between 5/25 and 5/27 depending on O date or LMP.  And after being early with B, even my due date seemed like a long long wait.

At my 39 week appointment last Monday, I was 5cm and almost fully effaced.  So expected labor to be fairly swift.  I had some BH contractions on and off for a few days but not a single painful contraction.

5/27 comes and goes, we have a very normal day/night and get to bed by 10:30.  At 3:15, I wake up, roll over and think "OUCH!" Then "Man that hurts!"

I get up, walk to the bathroom and still feel tight and sore. While I'm in the bathroom, I get another contraction. So I wake up my husband since it was pretty intense and fast.  I started timing them and they were about 40-50 seconds each and about 2.5 minutes apart.

We called my MIL to have her come be with Brooke and tried to get our neighbor until MIL arrived.  No luck there.  The whole time, I'm super relaxed (aside from the intense contractions). I brush my teeth, call the Dr...  My husband is anxious.  I'm still able to move pretty easily and only have to stop and breathe through the peak of each contraction.  Still 2-2.5 min apart and 40-50 seconds. 

MIL shows at 4:00 AM, so I've been contracting at home for 45 min.  We head to the hospital by 4:05.

MH is driving fast and every bump, turn, whatever killed me.  I had to yell at him to slow down a few times.  I insisted that we would be fine if we just drove like normal.

We arrive at the hospital around 4:20 (I checked my phone app the next day and I had had 24 contractions in that hour.  All 2.5 min apart.)  I check in, contracting the whole time.  Get sent back to Triage, wait a min (no one else was there) and the nurse comes to get me.  As we were walking to a room, she starts asking me questions...  How frequent?  How long? Have I been checked recently?  What's my progress?  When I tell her I was 5cm last Monday, she kicks things into high gear.

I get in the triage room, put the gown on, on the table, internal exam, 8cm!  8cm?!?!?  WTF?  I get asked if I want an epidural but know that the option is no longer on the table.  Within minutes, I'm in a delivery room, strapped to monitors, another internal...  10cm....  Time to push.  They are still putting an IV in my arm when the On Call Resident shows.  I start pushing. 

4 push sequences, 3-4 pushes per, and Elle was born at 4:48AM.

The entire time I kept thinking and saying "I'm not prepared for this" and "I can't do this!"  I had a WONDERFUL nurse who seriously saved me. The OB arrives just as I'm delivering the placenta. Thanks Doc.  :)  He oversees the stitching.

So I had a completely unmedicated labor and delivery but totally not by choice. I busted blood vessels in my eyes and face.  I look like I was in a fight. Partial 3rd degree tear. 

My hospital made some changes since B was born and they do immediate skin-to-skin for all babies for 1 full hour.  It was very nice to have that while being attended to down there.

Total labor time from first contraction to birth, 1.5 hours

Anyway...  She is perfect and calm and calm and already different than her sister.  She will let you put her down to sleep.  :) 

And here she is:  



Sisters meeting for the first time:


Re: Elle's Birth Story... PIP

  • Awesome story!  Great pictures and beautiful children!
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  • LCassLCass member
    That's one helluva story!  Congrats on the beautiful little addition to your family.  Hope your recovery goes well!

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  • How wonderful, congratulations!! 

    I think it is a great story too!!  

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  • She's gorgeous! Great story!!
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  • Yay! Welcome to the world Elle! Crazy story!
  • Oh my goodness...your sweet pictures have me in tears. What a story! Congratulations!

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  • Holy shiit! That was fast! Congrats, she is beautiful!
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  • Aww, I'm a little misty from your story.  The two sisters are so sweet!  Congratulations again!

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  • ally510ally510 member
    Congratulations! She's beautiful!!!

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  • Wow, what a crazy-fast whirlwind delivery! Congratulations and great job!! Elle is beautiful!
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  • jwls84jwls84 member
    She is beautiful! I love the picture of the two girls!
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  • KrisM86KrisM86 member
    Wow what an awesome birth story! I love the picture of your girls together....they are precious!
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  • mamaZbomamaZbo member
    Great story! Congrats!

  • She is beautiful! That was an amazing story.


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  • That's crazy fast!! Congratulations, she's a doll!
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  • Wow! That was fast!  She is beautiful, mama! Well done!

    (Not gonna lie...I get a little panicky reading about how fast your labor went. I am so afraid of this happening to us!)

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  • Thanks for sharing your story and beautiful pictures!  Congrats once again on your amazing baby girl.  Glad that you made it to the hospital in time, sounds like it was cutting it pretty close. Hope your recovery is going well.
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  • She is perfect!
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  • Congrats again!! 
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  • amyc216amyc216 member
    Wow!  Sounds like you got to the hospital just in time!  She is beautiful!  I love the picture of the sisters meeting!  Congratulations!!

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  • Thanks everyone!

    With B... My water broke but no progress, so I was induced with an epidural also. This was completely different and so unexpected.

    My best advice is to get to the hospital ASAP if your contractions are closer than 4 min.

    I mean who thinks that there labor will start in transition? No one!

  • Gorgeous!  Congrats!
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  • Mrs. MoMrs. Mo member

    Wow, I can't believe how calm you were! I would have been a wreck.

    She is beautiful !

    "Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all." -- Dale Carnegie
    "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." --Thomas A. Edison
  • Congratulations! She's beautiful and I love the picture of Brooke meeting her. 
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  • Congrats to you!!! She is beautiful! 

    Wish you a quick recovery! What an amazing story! 

    After 2 years of TTC, our daughter was born on Oct 31, 2011!
    7lbs 13oz  20 inches long

  • I don't know if it was the fast labor, no epidural, or limited IV fluids... But I feel much better than I did after B. Yes, I have stitches and swelling, but overall, I feel great.

    Well, except for my bruised, cracked, and painful nipples. I have a Dyson quality sucker on my hands here. ;

  • Awesome story! With Gavin I was 6cm at my last OB appt and not in labor, so I was super worried about getting to the hospital once contractions started. I ended up needing pitocin and an epidural anyways, so I like your story better!! Congrats again, love the name and the pics.


    DS born Oct. '11

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    Waiting for RE appointment on 10/28/14

    Surprise BFP on cycle 12 -- 10/19/14!

    EDD July 1, 2015

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  • You are probably the bravest woman alive. Congratulations. She is lovely.
  • Deez10Deez10 member
    Congratulations, she's beautiful!
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  • Congrats!

    Good thing your hubs didn't hit anymore bumps or she could have popped out in the car!
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  • Congrats, and that's gotta be a speed record.


  • Wow!  Holy crap that's fast.  Dealing without meds is one thing, but going through all of it in 1.5 hours...I can't imagine how intense that must have been.  I can't believe they even had time to get an IV in you!

    She is adorable and they are just so cute together.  Congratulations!

  • Looking back, I should have been more in a rush to get out the door.  I mean, the contractions were 2 min apart.  Surprise But seriously, who thinks they have less than 2 hours from first contraction to birth? Not this girl. 

    I think I scared the crap out of the ladies on the May 2013 board who have yet to deliver.  LOL!

  • What a beautiful, amazing story and the pictures are literally making me tear up.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful story, and I hope that you are feeling ok after the birth.
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  • Congratulations! What a crazy birth story... definitely one of the quickest labor/deliveries I've ever heard.

    I love her name and she is beautiful!

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  • imageChunstad:
    What a beautiful, amazing story and the pictures are literally making me tear up.nbsp; Thank you for sharing your beautiful story, and I hope that you are feeling ok after the birth.

    Thank you. I feel great! It's quite crazy actually.

    We are 8 days PP and doing well. Elle is 2 oz over birth weight already. Brooke is adjusting as best she can.

    MH is a teacher and starts summer break next week. I'm looking forward to 2 months of family time.

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