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Update to requested artwork ****siggy warning****

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to update those who are getting paintings from me so you don't think I'm flaking! I made two the way I was originally planning and I'm just not in love with them.  I want them to look handmade but I also want them perfect.  So I'm trying a new technique it will just take a while longer because I'm going to have custom stencils made.  I just ordered the one for the longest quote to make sure it works and if I'm happy with that then I'll order the rest.  So if you asked for the Shakespeare one hopefully I can get that going in about a week or so, but if you're getting one of the other ones it will be a few weeks.  Thanks for understanding and I'll update you as I make progress on them.

I hope nobody minds waiting, they're so important I want them perfect. 

ETA: fixed typo 

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Re: Update to requested artwork ****siggy warning****

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