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Needs life!!

This board really needs some life it's only been a few more post since the last time I was here. I had a mc in February but luckily I'm back and oddly enough I'm due next February is it any one else around?

Re: Needs life!!

  • I agree! There needs to be more people on here. I am sorry about your mc but congrats on being pregnant again!
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  • Every time I take a peek here it's still the same posts! But thank you I'm glad it took me a few months to get pregnant again because I was a nut case and needed to heal. But how are you? Are you expecting or did you have a lo?
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  • Well that is good to hear. Im good. How are you? And I have a 9 month old son. How far along are you?
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  • I'm soon to be 5 weeks so I'm super early I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I'm excited though :
  • I'm positive it's way more toledo moms than this lol
  • I check in often to see if there are new threads, I'm just boring and can't think of anything to post myself! Lol

    I'm 33 weeks, due at the end of July. Congrats Toledo mommies!
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  • Lol just post anything I'm sure people would just chime in! But congrats
  • New to the Toledo area over here! Had a boy July 26th and we also have a 2 year old daughter. Where does everyone live? Just over the border into Temperance here.
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  • I live in West Toledo. Congrats to all the pregnant mommies! My DD will be 1 on Thursday.
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  • Hey! I am brand new to the area (Bowling Green actually) and I'm a FTM (due February)...would love to find out more about the mommy-world in the area! Also ideas for maternity/baby consignment shops, things to do would be great! I'll check back but this place looks like a ghost town so Feel free to pm me!

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