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Kent General questions

So my inducement date is coming up soon (yay!!) and I've started getting things in the mail from Enfamil and Similac with coupons to get free stuff at the hospital. It says its only at participating hospitals. 


I was wondering if any of you BTDT moms who delivered at Kent General know if they participate in those type of promotions?  also if anyone knows if baby bella photography has a contract with this hospital? i know they have one with Christiana hospital but wasn't sure about Kent




Re: Kent General questions

  • They provide Enfamil or Similac. Make sure you specify or they assume you are on WIC and will give you Similac.

    Baby Bella also contracts here, but I thought it was pricey.

    Overall the Labor and Delivery unit was fantastic. I felt that communication was not as good in the Recovery Unit.

    Good luck!!!
  • I work on Mother/Baby at Kent. We do not contact with Bella baby. We do have an in house photographer that does standard like license photos, not cutesy basket photos. They are still pricey and most moms do not opt for them. There are wonderful newborn photographers in the area that may come in depending Little Posies, Roper Photography, Watras Photography to name a few.
    We are a baby friendly hospital, which means that the formula gift bags are no longer given out. If you choose to FF, you will receive bottles for feedings while you are there, but none to take home.

    Good luck! I had a wonderful induction experience in 2011.
  • Thanks for the info!


  • kc4562kc4562 member
    HI! Just gave birth at Kent General on 5/21... they don't do the formula giveaway hospital pack things though if you call Emfamil (they have a phone number on the slip) they'll send it to you in the mail - I don't believe Similiac offers the same.  We got the Emfamil one in the mail just a few days after calling! best of luck with your delivery!
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