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ooh naps

can't you and DD just get along?

 Currently watching LO on the monitor...we've started putting her into her crib drowsy during the day because she has issues getting to that next sleep cycle.....shes going down easier (sometimes needs me to come in, pop the pacifier in for a few quick sucks then she's out) but definitely struggling with falling asleep for that second part. she just fussed for 3 minutes, had her eyes closed for a good 5 minutes, then something made her open them and now she's fussing again. I know she just needs to sleep......

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Re: ooh naps

  • My son has been fighting naps more lately.. I was at a breaking point last night.

    He just seems like he gets overtired so easily right now. I am debating on whether or not just to put him to bed instantly after feeding him now. He wakes up and eats and normally coos and plays. As of a few days ago.. after eating he will start crying for no reason (but doesn't want to eat more, is dry, and burped). When he does, I swaddle him, but then he grunts hard trying to get out and when I do get him out of the swaddle, he flails his arms and legs and cries more, his eyes roll in the back of his head and he yawns, which is why I know he is tired. So far the only thing that has been working is holding him tight, swaddled, and rocking him up and down very fast. He will grunt and strain for a few moments but then he is out. God forbid something rings or his pacifier falls out in that time or it is the same dance for another 10-15 minutes.

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  • I'm in here holding her to make sure she sleepsI have a feeling what's going on is overtiredness and that's what her issue is. She sleeps well at night but I go to the gym at 445 am and my husband is the one who gets up with her nd I think he leaves her in there awake for awhile, so I'll be off on her initial awake time by 30 min to 45, which is causing that first nap to be 30 min, the second to then be 30 or 45 and by the third she is so tired but just canny fall asleep....if she isn't over tired I think she can drift back into sleep just fine, especially because I watched her close her eyes and then she fussed and got super worked up so I came in.

    Still too young to CIO we do let her fuss it out, it's just what she needs before falling asleep and I don't think I'm a sleep association...I literally think she is so tired she just needs help falling asleep.
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