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For those of you using a Rock n Play, what can you tell me about them? Like? Dislike? Good option? Waste of money?

I want something that is fairly small so I can have the baby close to my bed so I can easily see and reach her because I will be nursing.

I'm thinking of getting this one 


Edit: I wanted to add that I do have a crib and pack n play with bassinet already. I have the pack n play set up in my room now but the more I am thinking about it, I want something more bed level so I can see her without having to get out of bed. 

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  • I like them! My in-laws have one for when our son is over there, and I was just thinking about getting one. He sleeps so well in it, and I was just thinking how nice and easy it is to move around. When I'm in the office, he could be chillen in here. The Pack N Play's are bulky and a pain in the rear to set up / take down constantly. 

    I recommend one. :) 

  • I have a moses basket with base that rocls (similar to the RnP) and I love it.  It's beside my bed and if baby is fussy at night, I can rock him back to sleep.  

    I have put my PnP in the living room which is also handy.  I do my diaper changes on it and thats where baby sleeps during the day.

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  • RnP was the only thing that my baby slept in and the only thing I havent gotten rid of

  • Personally, I think it's better to get your baby sleeping on a flat surface if you can, especially if you intend to transition him/her to a crib at a few months old.

    However, some babies like the cozy feeling the RNP provides, and it is helpful for a baby with reflux since it keeps them at an angle.  It's definitely worth having if either of those describe your baby. 

    My first slept great flat in a bassinet.  My second hated it and does great in the RNP, but we got it after she was born and we knew she wouldn't do the flat surface.



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  • Absolutely LOVED it!! LO slept in next to my bed the first 4-5 weeks. She slept great in it and the transition to her flat crib wasn't even bad! I definitely recommend it!
  • My absolute favorite baby item I would recommend it to everyone. Works to calm baby down, acts as a swing and a chair to lounge in, and rocker when baby cant be soothed. Great for teaching self soothing to, gently moves by itself as baby moves
  • Love! LO sleeps soundly in the RnP but does not in the PnP or crib. He likes it better than the swing, bouncy, or car seat also. 

  • I thought it ws a waste of money until day 3 at home and having to get up to get LO out of the PNP or to just check on her. I sent DH to the store to buy one and LO has slept nights in it ever since. She is 6 weeks now. I love that she is level with our bed so I can see her when shes making noises I don't know or just grab her when as wants to eat.

    She takes short naps in her PNP or crib so hopefully in a couple weeks when we move her to the PNP for nights we won't have an issue but we will see.


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