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I'm concerned about DS speech delay.  All of the articles say he should be saying 50+ words and putting short 2-word sentences together... He understands everything we say... and communicates back with us (baby sign language, shaking his head, gesturing, noises like "choo choo" for train and animal sounds when he's referring to those things... and some words)... At his 2 year checkup, the doctor said communication wasn't an issue... she saw that he understood everything I said and was able to communicate back to me, but just not in words.


It's just so frustrating because when we try to get him to work on saying a word, he just looks at us and says "Yah-yah"... I hear him say words when he's playing or when Sesame Street says a word... but then he won't say it again.


Has anyone else experienced this? 

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  • Keep in mind the milestones they look for at well child checks are just guidelines. If you hear him say some words sometimes you know he is actually speaking at least a few words, right?

     I always felt DS was a little behind, and maybe in part is the fact we are raising him bilingual, but right after his 2nd birthday he started repeating and saying many more words, surprising  us completely!

     Check out this blog http://www.playingwithwords365.com/ she is a speech pathologist and has many great posts on developing their speech.

  • Yep, DD1 is also speech delayed, although the pedi wasn't concerned at our well child visit. I think she says about 30 words now, but honestly I'm not worried. She communicates (signs, noises, and some words), and that's what language is for. I'm a SAHM, and I understand all the signs and noises she makes, so there's no real need for her to say too many words. Once she gets into daycare, she'll have to talk if she wants them to understand her.

    Also, we're raising her bilingually, and our pedi said that it's not uncommon for bilingual children to be a bit delayed at the beginning. I know plenty of counter-examples, but I figure it's a factor.

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  • DS doesn't have too many words either. He has some signs that he himself came up with and words like mama and didi (dada) and Argh for pretty much anything that resembles a dinosaur. He "talks" in his own language at times and at other times he talks with his mouth closed. It sounds like he is saying to word but not opening his mouth. We have had him evaluated and he is in EI speech therapy. Therapist is pretty confident that he is talking just not opening his mouth so we are working on that. His pedi says that it is most likely due to the fact that he is trilingual (hears all three languages every day). She thinks he will catch up by 2.5/3
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  • Hi ladies..Haven't been on in a long time.

    I have alot of experience with this. My 1st dd was a preemie and was in speech from 18 month till 4. My 2nd dd is in speech from 18 months to current 26 months. Both girls are totally different in their delays. DD2 talk alot but I can't understand any of it. Her articulation is very poor. She qualified for EI. Look on google about yours states early intervention. They come and evaluate and it's all free. It doesn't hurt to see.

    I am a big believer in catching it early and correcting in rather than waiting till school hits...GL

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  • mommy411 said:

     Look on google about yours states early intervention. They come and evaluate and it's all free. It doesn't hurt to see.

    I am a big believer in catching it early and correcting in rather than waiting till school hits...GL

    I couldn't agree more! If there is anything I have learned from all my experience with DS is that you have to be your child's advocate and if your mommy gut says something is off, explore that possibility. The beauty of EI is that you don't need a referral. 

    There is a difference between non-verbal, speech delayed and being stubborn, but sometimes the lines get blurred and as a mom it takes having a specialist step in and teach you what to do. He is communicating, and that is the first step. Some kids take more time and some need more help. 

    Finally, keep encouraging language. Repeat EVERYTHING. It gets annoying but after awhile it becomes a habit. Good luck!

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