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DH and I recently started the adoption process on our journey towards parenthood! We found out in April that DH is sterile due to previous chemotherapy! We are thrilled to be starting the process and cannot wait to share in the excitement, joy, fear and love of adoption! 

I've been lurking for awhile now and this past weekend when we filled out our preliminary application and were approved I figured it was time to start coming out of the background!  

Began the Adoption process 4/2013
Home study Approved 12/2013
.... and the wait begins! 

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  • Welcome. It's a friendly bunch here.  Feel free to check out the FAQ's.
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  • Welcome to the board!

    Mother of two wonderful boys! Blessed through adoption.

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  • Welcome! Looking forward to hearing about you and your journey! 
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    After 2 years of IF workups/treatments and 2 IUIs, we have closed the door on fertility treatments.
    We are very excited to be pursuing international adoption from China!
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    Welcome! Check out the FAQs at the top if the page for the basics. This board is awesome! Post often; we live to follow each other's stories. :

    Our Adoption Blog & Fundraising Efforts

    Heading to China in November 2014 to bring our son home!

  • Welcome to the group.
  • Welcome!  

    I am an adoptive mom post cancer too.... I was never a person to think that cancer was a blessing or a way of learning an important lesson... but I went on an adoptive mama retreat earlier this year and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I am strangely in debt to my cancer journey for connecting me to my girls... whom I love with ever cell in my body.  

    If you ever have cancer survivor/adoption questions, just page me :)
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  • Welcome!  We're not much further along than you in our process - currently waiting to be matched.  Good luck!


    we are until forever...
    check out our blog

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  • Thanks so much everyone!!!


    KVA... I read your blog last night (when the storms that were passing through at 2am came through) and I have to say I relate to SO many things you wrote. If you read my blog there were a lot of points that we had that were the exact same! Praying for your match to come soon!!! 

    Began the Adoption process 4/2013
    Home study Approved 12/2013
    .... and the wait begins! 

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