fire extinguisher

DH and I are in the process of getting licensed to foster. One of the requirements is a fire extinguisher. We happen to have one that was left by the previous owner, but it hasn't been inspected since 2003.

 Anyone know if the local fire departments will do the inspection? If not, any ideas on where I could have that done?

Re: fire extinguisher

  • I think our local does them--- but you can also just buy a new one for like $20.00 at home depot.
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  • I will echo the pp. I would just buy a new one. They are pretty inexpensive and I would not want to go to all of the trouble of finding someone to inspect the old one. You may end up having to buy a new one anyway.

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  • If it is 10 yrs old I would just get a new one.  Also, have your agency specify what type, cause my agency requires more than basic, it has to be a commercial grade so your basic $20 won't do, just double check with their requirement.
  • I didn't realize they are so cheap. We'll be buying a new one, thanks!
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