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Cutting up food

For those of you with older toddlers or other kids, when was your child ready to take bites out of food instead of having things cut up?  How did you know they were ready?



Re: Cutting up food

  • I think my kid was capable of it much earlier, but I didn't stop cutting up his food until he was 16 months old when he started DC and they didn't cut his food.

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  • I still cut it up because he only has 4.5 teeth, all in the front. If I don't cut it up, he shoves HUGE chunks in his mouth and can't chew it.

    Sometimes I cut a sandwich into strips and he can bite off of those, and he'll bite French fries, but that's about it.

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  • Depends on the food, depends on the kid.  DD was eating whole, raw carrots years ago (18mo?) and has always been fine with them.  Chicken she's been able to eat in strips for a while, but steak is still very challenging.
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  • image LalaMama81:

    Generally speaking, if it's food I'd cut for myself, then I cut it. I mean, I don't cut sandwiches into bite sized pieces. I do quarter grapes and would cut a major choking hazard. 

    She's been able to eat a pear or apple or whatever as a whole since 7 or 8 months.  

    This is where I am. But I have a kid that's weird. She eats much better if something is whole or in strips. She despises little pieces...always has.

  • It depends on what it is, usually I just cut enough so it's easier to handle - like quartering a sandwich.  Or if it's something DH and I will need a knife for (chicken or steak) I'll cut his for him.  But other than that I give it to him as is - pizza, fruit, vegetables, potatoes, etc.  If he can hold it or stab it with a fork, he's good to go.
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