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my son will go to dad over me (mom), or grandpa over me. its really annoying. especially when your son would rather be held by my FIL instead of his own mom. Not sure if this is commonly dealt with. This is my first child. And i have been pretty much home with my son all the time since day 1. I work very part time- 1-2 days a week if that for 6 hrs a day.  If this has happened to you, what did u do about it? did your child grow out of it? If so, when? my son is 16 months old and this has been going on since probably 12 months old or a little after
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Re: favoritism

  • SRK128SRK128 member
    Ellie only wants me and Brooke only wants DH. Who knows! It changes all the time too!
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