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Babbling - Please help calm my nerves

Please help with my anxiety ?


My son is 9 months, almost 10 months old. I know you should not compare but as a first time mother I worry, I mean what first time mother doesn?t. My son is hitting all other milestones and advanced in some. He?s 9 months and trying to take steps unassisted, waving, smiling, working on clapping, pulling himself up, crawling, rolling, playing with two hands, feeding himself, etc.


However, my little man is not babbling. I mentioned this to the doctor and he didn?t seem to concerned and just kept saying read a lot and talk a lot around him. My son will one in a while yell ?aaaa? or ?ahhhh? and has said ?baba? once but nothing else. He is a very quiet little man. He loves to play with me and we do games and he stairs in my eyes, smiles, laughs, knows him name and if you make sounds he looks at the sound and where it?s coming from.


Should I be concerned that he?s not saying ?mama or dada? or making any babbling at all?




Over worried first time mama.
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Re: Babbling - Please help calm my nerves

  • Does he understand (as much as a Baby can) you talk? He recognizes his name? Then I wouldnt worry. Boys in particular can be delayed in speech. My daughter's bio didnt talk till almost 2. My friend's daughter didnt start till almost a yr.

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  • I wouldn't worry if your doctor is not concerned. Some babies are just more "quiet" than others...different personalities. If you are still concerned, bring it up again at the one year check up
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    Thanks girls :)

    I'm lurking and don't really have advice, but I wanted to tell you that your DS is so adorable and has the most beautiful hair! 

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  • DS1 was very advance in all motor skills as well and spoke pretty late.  For a while I thought he would need speech therapy for sure.  But then one day at about 20 months he started getting new words almost everyday.  He then quickly went from there.  Now he is so advanced in the way he speaks at 3.5 it is unreal.  His pediatrician mentions it every time she sees him.  I think he was just so busy figuring everything out physically that he didn't slow down enough to want to learn to talk.  If you can learn some very basic signs so he can eventually begin to express his basic wants.  That may helps with tantrums later if he is a little late on developing speech.


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  • DH is 10.5 months and never really babbled either.  He has always been very quiet, even though he understands a lot and is active and alert.  I was just talking to my girlfriend about this the other night and was thinking about taking him to see a doctor; then all of a sudden, last night he started babbling and didn't stop.  He "talked" for almost 2 hours!  Same thing this morning.  We were shocked.  So you just never know.

  • I am a FTM and had the same concern.  My pediatrician said that as long as he recognized his name and was on track with all of his other milestones (starting to pull himself up and side step) that he wasn't concerned.  Not even 2 weeks later my LO starting babbling "dada".  
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  • DS1 was always a really quiet baby. I remember being so worried about it between 8-10 months old. But after that his receptive language skills really took off. He understood simple commands and knew his name, etc. He barely even had 5-10 words at 18 months. Our pedi wasn't really that concerned yet and said to wait on any therapy until he was 2. Well - he had a HUGE language explosion around 20-21 months and basically hasn't shut up since. He's 2.5 now and talks all the time - full sentences and is a little parrot and repeats everything we say.

    DS2 babbles and "talks" all the time! So different than my quiet and independent first boy. We didn't do anything differently. They just seem to have different personalities and skills even at such young ages.


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