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Advice: crib to bed

We transitioned our son to a twin bed a few months ago. He slept in it easily from the first night. I would lay with him, read, and say prayers, and then he would fall asleep and I would get up. Worked great. For the last month, he wakes in the middle of the night several times and will not go back to sleep unless my husband or I lays down with him. His cries lead me to believe he is scared. He has a night light, etc. We have a new baby coming anytime and I need to get him to sleep through the night ASAP! Any suggestions?
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Re: Advice: crib to bed

  • Ride it out. My daughter did the same thing, but she's gone back to normal. I know it's not easy. Does he sleep with anything(a lovey, doll, etc)? Maybe let him. Emma used to only sleep with a bunny lovey, but now sleeps with that and the gang from Toy Story now, lol. 
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    DS did the same thing for a while. But with him it wasn't so much he was scared (although I'm sure that's why it started) but rather the night waking/mommy coming in to lay with him thing became habit. So after awhile I made the night visit short and sweet. Came in to tuck him back in, kiss cuddle and left. Under 30 seconds. After a night or 2 he was back to sleeping through the night.

    We also assigned one of his toys to be a "protector" at night. It was his Sherrif Woody stuffed toy and we even went so far as to have a "talk" with Woody before bed and make sure he knew that he was supposed to protect DS until morning. Sounds crazy but it worked. Even now he asks once in a while if Woody's going to take care of him at bedtime.

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