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help me remember?

okay gals,

i dont remember how much ds slept the first few weeks.  maybe b/c i was sleeping too?  i might get one nap in a day but i am awake much more with dd, not too much of the "when she sleeps you sleep thing"........

on account of having a toddler, that is.

sooo how much awake time during the day is normal?  i feel like she hasn't been up much at all today, hasn't cried too much, just nurses, poops and sleeps.  all this sleeping is normal right?  i guess i am just a nervous nelly b/c before the jaundice, they were keeping us for 48 hours b/c i was GBS+.  they told me they were monitoring her temp, feedings, vitals etc etc.  i feel out of control with worrying about if i should worry or not. 

i really dont even know if i make sense.

Re: help me remember?

  • When dd was a week old, all she did was sleep. She was maybe up just a couple of hours total.?
  • Don't worry. As long as she's feeding & gaining, let her sleep.?
  • Thank you Crazy.  I know I've done this before but I just need some reassurance I guess.  I need to relax.......
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