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Anyone else going to be delivering there? If not then where?
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Re: Anmc

  • I choose Providence this time. The last two were at Matsu regional. I have heard good things about ANMC
  • We toured Regional and Prov, and the new maternity center at Prov won out. 
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  • I would love to deliver at prov just don't have insurance to do so.
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  • I delivered at ANMC. It was a great experience. 
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  • I delivered anmc but my daughter was born sleeping on july 12 2013
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  • I had my son at ANMC in October. They're going through construction and renovations and I wasn't too pleased. The delivery room was extremely hot. lol- there was noise all day but they stopped in the evening. At one point it got to be stressful having so many different nurses on the same shift coming in and out causing me to stress out. So DO NOT BE AFRAID TO voice your needs to request that only your nurse be the only one. What was bugging was the nurses wouldn't introduce themselves if they were not my assigned nurse.
    AFTER CARE on the other hand was wonderful.I think they were great at checking in and ensuring comfort and making sure your baby is fine. =) good luck!!
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    I felt with what I was going through that it was a decent experience for me
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