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is it bad to not warm bottles???

DD was soooooo fussy earlier, I just grabbed a bottle straight from the fridge and gave it to her cold. She didn't seem to mind at all. Are there any other reasons to warm the bottle aside from preference?

She's up in her bassinet sleeping like an angel right now. Maybe the cold milk did the trick?

Re: is it bad to not warm bottles???

  • it is fine - some babies just prefer warm bottles.
  • I've asked my Mom this- she said the warmth just makes them go to sleep...?

    I'm guessing it's just a preference thing then...

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  • I use room temp bottled water but, if Emerson doesn't finish or is fussy and I know that she'll come back to it quickly, I put it in the fridge and she'll take it cold later!
  • nope no reason - you can definitely give it to her cold

    people have told us to do that so that the baby gets used to it and you don't have to warm them up - easier on the parents

    dd will eat anything anytime and goes from bfing to bottles warm or cold with no problem which makes our life easier :)

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  • My stepmom is a nurse midwife and she said when she worked in the neonatal wards bottles were always given cold - saved them the work.

    We give Milo bottles straight out of the fridge and he's never minded. Just be happy you don't have a picky baby!

  • Not bad at all, in fact many books suggest it so when they make the transition to real milk there won't be a problem.
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