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Define crunchy

Please defined hat it means to be a crunchy mom!! Sometimes I do things and I think well that was rather crunchy of me but I really don't know what it means exactly
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Re: Define crunchy

  • I've also heard "granola" too. From what I understand: 

    * Extended breast feeding (beyond a year)

    *  Co-sleeping

    * Baby wearing

    *  Cloth diapering

    * Drug free birth

    *  All organic


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  • image mightybee:
    I don't think there is one mold for being a crunchy mom. Rather, I think you can fall onto a continuum of crunchiness. When I think of a crunchy mom, I think of things like baby wearing, baby food making, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, recycling, using natural products, etc. Almost like being an earth mama! With that said, I think of myself as a "chewy crunchy" mom.

    I guess I am a little crunchy but I like your wording better, I'm chewy crunchy
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  • Anyone crazier than me :P
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