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Little peanuts still?

long time lurker here... Just curious how my fellow little peanuts are doing? H weighed in at 19.8 lbs at the pediatrician last friday. She's an early sept baby- 9/5.

So far pediatrician isn't concerned although she is having some asthma issues also so we're about to go see a pulmonologist just to be safe. Combine lung issues and growth issues and he feels better safe then sorry. Pedi assures me he's not worried but it still gives me anxiety. We live in TX so scary things like Cystic Fibrosis are screened for at birth.

DH was a tiny baby/kid- didn't grow until early teen years so I think's it just hereditary but every once in awhile I wonder... 

Please lord let my 2nd child not be picky eater!! Definitely one of the most frustrating things I have ever dealt with...  

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Re: Little peanuts still?

  • Amelia4Amelia4 member

    LO was around 27 pounds at our 18-month appointment, so in the 50% percent range, but his cousin who is 9 months is nearly the same size already.  I truly think some babies are huge and some are tiny and so many times it changes dramatically when they get a few years older.  I hope you don't have too many picky eating issues, though it seems to be the nature of a toddler.  :)


  • Yes we still have a peanut here. D is barely 23lbs boys 20th percentile. Whereas his little brother who was born the exact same weight is now 14 lbs and he's only 3 months old wears 6month clothes. You never know! Siblings can be totally opposite.
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