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Hi im a FTM new to this local board I live in the memorial houston area. Just wanting to make new mom friends :


  • Hello, I'm also a FTM! I'm new to the bump as well. I'm in the west chase area, where my husband and I live. I'm 29 wks expecting a little princess:
    What about yourself?
  • I'm a FTM too but my son is turning 2 next week. My husband and I moved to Houston from Denver and we live in the Sharpstown area. How are you?
  • Hiii! Yaay finally some responses!! Well I have a baby girl whos one month almost 2! And I live in the west chase area as well! Im just trying to meet new mommy's so one day my baby girl can have some playdates! I do also know the sharpstown area,houston is such a big city! It was nice to hear from you ladies! Hopefully we can stay in touch!
  • Yes definitely. nice to meet you.
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