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Batman Party

For DS's 5th birthday we're doing a Batman theme.

-Batman Cake
-Riddler's Roll-Up Sandwiches
-Clayface's Cheese Tray
-The Penguin's Pasta Salad (served in a top hat with white gloves to the side)
-Two Faced's Sweet & Salty Mix
-Catwoman Claws (bugles)
-Mr. Freeze's Fruit Tray
-Robin's Deviled Eggs
-Poison Ivy's Garden (vegetable tray)
-Joker Juice (purple smoothie)
-Batman's Burgers
Anything else I should add to the menu? Any cute ideas to dress up the food or a themed way to serve it? (Like how the pasta salad will be in a top hat with white gloves to the side.)

Favor Bags for the Kids:
-Batman Bag
-Batman puzzle
-Batman stickers
-Batman Pen
-Batman Stamps
-Decorated Batman Sugar Cookies
Favor Bags for the Adults:
-3 Decorated Batman Sugar Cookies

-Black, Yellow, & Blue Balloon Arch with a Batman Poster in the arch
-Blue tablecloths with yellow table runner and black bat cutouts
-Cardboard boxes turned into buildings (painted black with yellow windows)

-Batman characters will be frozen in molds (Mr. Freeze did it to them) and the kids will get the character out with squirt guns with hot water, as well as other methods TBD.

-Bat symbol spot light made from a Pringles can


Any other ideas, feedback, and/or critique? Thanks! 



Re: Batman Party

  • I love the idea of the activity - but make sure you check out the feasibility. My two fears would be 1) The hot water is going to make it difficult to handle the squirt guns or 2) if it's not hot enough, it's going to take forever to melt through. 

    If it doesn't work - maybe try a tissue paper punch through to rescue the characters (the tissue paper being the ice like in the game "don't break the ice")

    June '15 January Siggy Challenge.  Pinterest Fails

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  • DH loves batman... I just might steal some of these ideas for a fun 30th. :) I think it sounds great.
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  • Target has some super hero party stuff in the seasonal section if you are looking for a craft or other additions to your party.
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