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No teeth at 10 months - table food?

Hi all,

My 10 month old (8.5 month adjusted) has no teeth yet, and I'm at a loss on how to mix up her table/finger food intake.  We're on the same old, soft toast, puffs,stemed veggies, scrambled eggs, fruit, cheese, etc...basically, anything soft that she can pincer grip.  She seems to gum up everything that I give her.  I'm not sure when to explore with different options.  I'm so afraid of giving her meat and she will not for the life of her take chicken, fish in a pureed form.  Can't say I blame her!

Anyone have babies with no teeth that have any input for variety? 

Re: No teeth at 10 months - table food?

  • She can totally have shredded chicken and fish in table food form.  Cottage cheese is good (though not a finger food, obviously lol)  It seems like you've got most of it covered - fruits, veggies, toast, eggs, cheese.  Besides chicken/fish, what are you hoping to give her that you think she isn't ready for?
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  • I guess it's the meat that I'm worried about and I should explore more shredded chicken and fish.   Also, steamed veggies not in a puree form, like brocolli, cauliflower, string beans...anything that cannot be chunked into soft finger pincer foods. I'm worried to introduce these foods in whole form..mainly out of panic that she will choke.  Wondering what others experiences are.



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    My son will be 10 months on tooth has half way popped through. We haven't done many non purees. We tried and he puked it right back on me!

    He's allergic to milk, soy, wheat, peanuts and eggs. So he has been on a constant diet of sweet potatoes. By this time DD was eating table food like a champ!

    Hang in there, and just consider it 'baby led feeding' long as he's gaining weight and height no worries!

  • My 10 month olds eat the same things.  DD has 4 going on 6 good teeth while DS has none.  They have both had veggies, pasta, eggs, puffs, chicken and a little bit of beef.  The meat was from soup in both cases so fully cooked.  He hasn't had any problems gumming any of it.
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  • We've got one little tooth so far and at his 9 month check on Friday the doctor said he's good to go with table foods.  Whatever we eat he should get some so he doesn't get used to having a different meal from us (I guess like the French do it, no special meal just because he's a kid/picky eater).  Anyways, we had ribs this weekend and I gave him very small pieces.  He gums most of it and I find I have to watch his intake because he will put it all in his mouth and then gag.

    We also took him with us to the best steakhouse is town and he had a few pieces of my filet.  I think the biggest thing is to keep it small and watch for gagging. 

  • DS is 6 months.  He has been eating bite sized pieces (baby bite size) of whatever we eat. Steak, chicken, ribs, pork loin, pasta, rice, toast, carrots, celery, tomatoe, red peppers, scrambled egg, cheese, etc.  If it's something tough, like penne, I just mash it with a fork before giving it.  

    He has no teeth and has not choked yet.  

  • You can do organic ground beef and turkey. My lo would just gobble it right up. No need to puree.
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