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I suppose I should introduce myself

I'm Kathryn, a 26 year old mom to a precious (almost) 3 year old. I concieved with the help of clomid after several rounds, YAY! I had a horrid pregnancy that included a rescue cerclage, 15 weeks of bedrest, several threatened miscarrages, 2 bouts of preterm labor, and last but not least aspiration phneumonia. After he was born, I had severe complications that required a D&C. During the procedure, my utereus was cut open in the back by the instrument thus stopping the procedure. I was taken to a private recovery room and told what had happened and that my body simply never healed from having my son. I was given no hope as to carry another baby to term and the following week, I had to go in for a partial hysterectomy. So yes, at 24 my uterus came out in what the doctors described as "a jello like consistency"... ekk!! Fast forward to now! I have a precious little boy and plan on starting the process of IVF with a gestational surrogate (my bff since elementary school). I'm not sure how this journey will go but I'm about to hop on board and see where we go! I look forward to meeting you guys and hope I can help with my past experiences!! Have a great memorial day!!

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    Wow you have been through a lot. I wish you lots of luck on your upcoming cycle.

    That being said this board is for those that have been posting on the infertility board for at least 6 mos. Please introduce yourself on the infertility board or third party reproduction since you are using a gc. You will find tons of support there.

    Good luck!

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