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How long did you wait to try again? C section

For Moms that had c-sections, how long did you wait before you tried to have another baby?
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Re: How long did you wait to try again? C section

  • I'd recommend going with what your doc recommends, they know you the best. I didn't have a c-section. It's hard to wait, but I found even a few weeks can be a big help with dealing with grief.

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  • We started trying again at 3 months but didn't get pregnant until 6 months. I was also 39 so time was a factor for us. Good luck!
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  • **siggy warning** After losing Jack, my doctor told us to wait a year-for both emotional and physically healing.
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  • ShamylbShamylb member
    My Dr said not to conceive before 12 months & that 18 months was optimal. However, I got a 2nd opinion from another Dr & she said not too wait that long. She said "12-18 months is just a way to be absolutely sure that you're completely healed...but the body is capable of amazing things" :) We're going to start trying again after summer! I'm VERY nervous.
  • We waited 6 months after losing our son just 10 days after he was born full term
    BUT it took us two long years to conceive again and we are due in January 2014
    So don't wait too long
  • We are starting an IVF cycle in June, so about 6months. The evil MFM (evil for reasons other than his wait time) told us to wait 2-3 years to heal. I thought that was a tad excessive. My OB said 4-6months. I had to wait 2 months after my TAC.
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