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Hi ladies. My dh and I have just started considering adoption to expand our family. To have a second child, we would've needed IF treatment...and of course there are no guarantees. For some reason, I always pictured myself adopting from Asia, before I ever knew it may be necessary. Anyway, my first question has to do with antidepressants. I take a minimal dose of celexa for slight anxiety due to my son's asthma. I am completely normal otherwise. I teach second grade, workout, do yoga, read, garden...normal normal normal! Is this a deal breaker for international adoptions? Thanks so much!!!
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Re: New Here with questions

  • In many countries, this is going to be an issue. Your best bet is to contact agencies that work in Asian countries and ask if you would qualify. Then you'll know upfront where you stand.
  • When I inquired, I was told that for China, the requirement was no antidepressants for at least 2 years was a requirement unless it was for a medical purpose like PMS. I don't know if other countries are the same, but as I browsed around many have similar rules. It was explained to me that many countries still have very strong bias against mental illness and don't understand milder forms they just see it as an indication of instability and a red flag.

    That said, I was also told that requirements are often waived and we should inquire further if we were interested and that our chances for a waiver would be very good if we were willing to adopt an older child or a child with more significant special needs.

    I never felt strongly pulled toward international adoption in the first place, so we never pursued it further. You can find the requirements for Different countries with a quick google search, but I'd encourage you to talk to an agency that works with adoptions in the country or countries you are considering to find out how strict the requirements are in practice.

    Good luck!
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  • Check out the programs with agencies from Asian countries, it is the only way to know where you stand.
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