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What books do you suggest?

Hi Ladies!  Miss you guys but looking forward to being here with you!

I thought now might be a good time for me to start reading books about how to care for baby since I have a lot of time on my hands.



Re: What books do you suggest?

  • DEFINITELY "Happiest Baby on the Block"! I read the book and then got the DVD. DH and I watched it at least 3 times before DD was born and we still use what we learned from it all the time.
  • I like the baby whisperer and Your Week by Week baby's first year
  • "Baby 411" has been our go-to guide for just about everything.
  • Baby 411 is a definite, and start reading it while you're pg.  I waited until after I had Claire, and I felt so behind. It gave more info on BF in a few pages than The Womanly Art of BF gave in 400!   Heading Home with your Newborn, from Birth to Reality is pretty good too - our hospital gave us that one.
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