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anyone been with their LO?  We're thinking of giving it a try this year, we did Seasame Place last year so we thought we'd try something different, plus it's alot cheaper.  Do they have enough kid rides to keep you busy for most of the day?  Are the only characters Looney Tunes?  It doesn't look like they do the Wiggles anymore

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  • thanks, we did Hershey for Christmas and it was great, they have an awesome breakfast with Santa, but we did it for a weekend because its about 3 hours away.  I'm looking for a day trip.  We live in Norther NJ
  • I live 20 min from Great Adventure and 40 min from Sesame and very much prefer Sesame. Great Adventure is full of teens and tons of the people look like thugs or gang members and there have been issues before. Sesame is innocent and even though everyone I know has GA tickets I will stick to Sesame as long as I can. My son did earn a ticket to GA for reading this year so we will be going once.
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