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Longtime lurker here.  I am currently matched with a boy from China and hope to travel to get him near Halloween!

 I have an unrelated question for the foster parents here or those on the board who are familiar with the CPS system.  My mom has done daycare for almost 40 years and just had to call CPS on a family in her daycare for the first time. (She's in Texas)  When she called in the complaint, they gave her the case # or call # and told her as the complainant, she could get an update on the case if she called in.  When she went to call in yesterday, a week after reporting the incedent, they told her they cannot give her any updates at all, ever.  She is very concerned for the safety of the child, who is no longer attending her day care.  Does anyone know whether or not she should be allowed to get an update?  She'll keep calling if she should be able to get an update, but doesn't want to bug them if she really can't.


Re: CPS Question from lurker

  • CPS worker here. They are not able to release any information to her as she is not a party to the case.
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  • I am a fost/adoptive mom. I am also a RN, and I know that how your Mom must feel, she is considered a "mandatory reporter" so if she has concerns she is required to report concerns, which I applaude her for doing so. However, since she is not part of the "party", CPS is not allowed to give any info to her since she is not an involving party. I know it is hard but just support your mom and tell her that she did the right thing in reporting and hope that everything is ok.
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  • Total lurker but also a mandated reporter.  From what I understand all they can tell her is if they investigated it but nothing more.  I've actually never had to follow up as I've always been fairly privy to the information (kids stayed in my care).  I've had to call twice.  In both instances some time after I received a notice from social services that gave somewhat of an update (cases closed, etc).

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