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Feeding toddlers in the car?

We are going to my ILs lake house for the day on Sunday.  It's way to hard to take the girls up overnight but it's only 90 minutes away and so we figure we'll have the car ready and as soon as the girls wake up we'll strap them in the car and go, stay all day and put them back in the car at bedtime.

So can I feed them breakfast while we're driving and what would you suggest?  The most they've ever had in the car is an occasional cracker and I'd love not to make a huge mess. 

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Re: Feeding toddlers in the car?

  • That's when I do the greek yogurt and fruit pouches.
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  • IlumineIlumine member

    At there age, I did fruit pouches, yogurt pouches, cheerios, softer cheeses cut up into bite size pieces the could take out of a ziplock bag, diced up fruit, etc. 

    Just be prepared for a dirty car.   

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  • Maybe I'm a bad mother? I would NOT do yogurt or fruit in the car. Messy messy messy.

    I would do dry finger food, like cheerios or crackers. Or, we also do frozen eggos / pancakes.

  • ELF4321ELF4321 member
    Pouches and Cheerios are a good breakfast on the go.

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  • jcathjcath member

    I ended up doing banana bread - they were pretty messy but the car seat survived. I'm so glad we don't eat in the car frequently!

    We had a great trip the lake - what a difference a year makes - the girls enjoyed it so much more than last year. 

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  • I did a lot of toaster waffles when my kids were little.  Not too terribly messy.
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