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Hi! I was so surprised to see you over here.... I pop in from time to time to lurk.... It's Sawyer's Mom... windsongs!!

Little V is looking adorable. Any plans on coming back onto FB? Im not in the pod anymore, but I would love to see more of toddler V. :) 

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Re: Womancake!!

  • Bumping in!

    Former windsongs and womancake! I was not as regular of a poster while we were pregnant, but I loved reading both of your posts way back when!
    Windsongs, thank you for talking about hypnobabies! I would have never known about it if it was not for you and veronica! I practiced as well, and I had the most beautiful pregnancy and delivery! My son, Bowen, was the perfect baby, and I chalk it up to my affirmations and positive cognitive processes during pregnancy! I love your LO's name! I bet she is stunning! OH! And I will never forget your post about being pregnant and stuck in traffic! Funny stuff!
    Womancake! Thanks for bringing Lucie's List to the bump! She was an amazing resource for nursing and even now with sunblock and swim diapers!

    I just wanted to tell you both a huge thanks for bringing two really positive resources to my attention during my journey of motherhood; both have shaped the mother I am today in the best way possible!
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  • I totally remember you too! I just started hypnobabies again and I forgot how great it is. :) We had such a fantastic and diverse Sept Mom's group!
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  • Wiiiindsooongs!  I miss your face!  No plans to come back to fb (though I am tempted from time to time), but I think I still have your email.  I'll try to shoot you a message sometime this week.  :)
  • I miss you guys!!!!
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