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The Snooooooot!

My baby got her first cold 2 weeks ago & has successfully gotten out of sleep training twice because of it (might of thought she planned it)! She's feeling much better & the snot is clear no other symptoms. I am planning on going ahead with sleep training starting this Sunday, but this snot just will not stop. Anyone elses first baby snot stay forever???
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Re: The Snooooooot!

  • My son's in daycare so he always seems to have a bit of a runny nose.  We make sure to run a humidifier every night and he gets his nose sucked out when it's really bad.  Saline helps too for that.
  • Same as PP. When he's really bad, we put a wedge under his mattress so he can sleep on a bit of an angle, but the snot generally hasn't stopped him from sleeping well. I would go ahead with your training.

    Also, if you haven't discovered it yet - the nose frida works approximately one million times better than the bulb thingies they give you at the hospital.

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