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1 year vaccines....

My son is getting vaccinated tomorrow with his one year shots. 

I've googled which ones are normally given, which seems like a really long list. I've also read which ones are "most important". These include: chicken pox, MMR, and PCV (pneumonia).

Does this seem correct in anyone else's experience? Are there any vaccines that mothers commonly request to have administered later on?

My LO has been on a normal vaccine schedule since birth, but I know there are a lot of opinions regarding the amount given at one time so I was curious to hear other's experience.


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Re: 1 year vaccines....

  • DS got his on Tuesday and has been a cranky boy ever since...could be teething too though.  He got the chicken pox, MMR, Pneumonia, and HepB.  But pedi said after this round they will only give him one shot at 15 months and 1 shot at 18 months and should be done til he starts school.  Good luck
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  • Ok great, thank you!
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  • We got MMR, pneumonia and HepB at 12mo.  At 15mo we got chicken pox and HIB.
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  • Personally, I don't like to do two live vaxes at once so I wouldn't get the chicken pox & MMR at once.  We don't do CP as I would rather the kids have life long immunity.  (They only started having the vax to save money not bc they were worried about the seriousness of CP or an epidemic). I would also do the MMR by itself since it is3 vaxes in one.  (We will do MMR when she is 2).
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    After watching a number of people in my family have shingles, and seeing how much pain they were in and how long it lasted, I'll give my kid the chicken pox vaccine if only for that reason alone.  I got the chicken pox twice as a kid and the second time was horrific.  Now I'm just hoping I can avoid getting shingles like every other person in my family seems to, including my cousins in their 20's.  If I can avoid DS going through that with a vaccine, that seems like a good deal to me. 

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