Jennifer Gilmore on Open Adoption?

Did anyone catch this on Fresh Air yesterday?  [no idea how to make clicky]



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Re: Jennifer Gilmore on Open Adoption?

  • Still formulating thoughts. I liked some pieces, but I really didn't like how she presented herself as an authority on open adoption. She also hit a few of my pet peeves, like referring to her sons birthmom as HER birthmom, referring to women that are considering adoption as birthmoms instead of expectant moms, and discussing the money that expectant parents get in a way that I don't like. But I do appreciate people talking about open adoptions.
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  • I've read the transcript and I'm listening to it right now--- and I'm still thinking it through, but so far not loving it....



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  • Thanks for posting the link!  A friend mentioned it to me this morning, but I had missed it. Looking forward to reading/listening with DH tonight.
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    Opening now

    ETA: I just listened to the whole thing, and as with most people who write/talk about their adoption experiences, hers comes with her own bias. Someone who endured the perfect storm of adoption-related tragedies (scammed by someone who wasn't pg, walking away from a match due to medical issues, having a baby taken away after a period of time, etc.) is going to have a much different view of the whole process compared to someone who had a very smooth adoption with reasonable birthparents, etc.

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