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sugar in yogurt

I was reading the other posts and maybe I'm missing something. A lot of people recommended Stonyfield but it has more sugar than YoBaby. 

SF whole milk plain has 12g and YB plain has 6g. Pls explain how SF is better than the others.


Re: sugar in yogurt

  • Is it a different serving size?
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    It may be serving size. However I say just look at your store and find what you can. I shop at Walmart and I"m lucky to find any whole milk yogurt so no choices for me without extra stops. Once they had a big container of Mountain High but since then all I can find is Yo-Baby. 

    I do vaguely remember looking at Stonyfield though since I grew up in NH right by Stonyfield but I couldn't get myself to buy it because it did have insane sugar levels. Lately it's YoBaby for us as I mentioned above. 

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  • The serving size is 113g for the YoBaby and 227g for Stonyfield plain, so the sugar is exactly the same.
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    The serving size is 113g for the YoBaby and 227g for Stonyfield plain, so the sugar is exactly the same.

    This and I would guess most people aren't buying the plain YoBaby but one of the flavors instead, which really amps up the sugar.  Plus, from a cost perspective, the YoBaby is a lot pricier. 

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  • Stonyfield Plain Whole Milk..

    Double check because YB had a lot more when I checked the labels.


  • Is it plain yogurt? Not vanilla. We buy full fat greek plain yogurt and add fruit purees.
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    At a minimum, baby/child yogurts have twice the amount of sugar as plain yogurt with your own added fruit would have. Baby yogurt is usually a 4oz container,  adult is 6oz, and the sugar listed on plain yogurt is lactose for an 8-oz serving, so you have to work out the comparisons. Babies need fat for brain/body development, so it's best to get plain regular yogurt (and not greek style which has more protein).

  • You need to watch for added sugar on the ingredient list since sugar is naturally occurring in yogurt. Your best bet is to just purchase plain whole fat yogurt and mix in your own fresh fruit pures.
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