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should i call the doctor

hi! im kinda new here im shelly, for days now my dd has had diarrea. she hasnt ran a fever or acted sick in any way she,s been happy. she has been eating real well but every thinf thatngoes in her mouth comes out within 10 min. i have cut out all solids except bannanas, apples and rice cereal  but she still poops watery slime. i know the doctors say that they dont get diarrea wjen teething but could that be it? if it was a milk allergy she would have showed signs way before now right
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Re: should i call the doctor

  • If I was you, I would call the doctor. But then I am an inexperienced FTM. Rather er on the side of caution.
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    I know people think teething doesn't cause this or that, but even my pedi says with teething all bets are off. I'm usually not one to jump to going to the doctor. Maybe see of it eases up and if not take her on tomorrow. Make sure to keep diaper cream on her though so she doesn't get a rash.

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  • I would put a call in and let the doctor decide if she needs to be seen.
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  • Start giving Pedialyte in addition to the solid foods youre giving now. If baby does not have a fever, no vomiting, and appears comfortable, theres not much your pedi can do except reassure you.
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  • thx ladies i called the nurse she said that thete is a virus going around and as long as no other symtoms appear or last longer than ten days she wiil be fine just to keep jer on the brat diet. she said that pedialyte could make it worse
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    I would put a call in and let the doctor decide if she needs to be seen.


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