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Too much solids?

My baby is 9 months old and eats a ton of solids. The pediatrician said give him as much as he wants and at 9 months he can have them 3 times a day.  Every meal is at least 8 oz of solids minimum. On average 10-12oz. I'm just concerned he isn't drinking enough breastmilk. I have also been under the impression that should be his primary source of nutrition and lately I feel it's not.  The first feeding of the day is about 15-20 minutes. The other 3 times are less than 5 minutes on both sides total.  Is this normal? Is he eating too much solids and not enough bm?

Re: Too much solids?

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    I would cut the solids down... 10-12 oz is A LOT for one serving. If he's hungry he will probably make up for it with more breastmilk, which is what you want anyway.

  • Is he eating solids before or after the BM?
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  • Well, it's actually right: until 1 year old baby's primary source of nutrition should be breast milk. So you should continue to breastfeed, and another tip is to breastfeed first and after that to offer solids. We started at 6 months and we've first introduced banana but LO also loves avocado. I first find it hard to tell which solids were recommended for her and which to avoid, but I found this website and it kind of solved my problem. You could use it too. 

  • Breastfeed first, then solids.  Make sure he's wetting plenty of diapers and then try not to worry. :)
  • I agree with the PP. Bf first, and then solids. Make sure to feed him the solids right after bfing too. I made the mistake of waiting about 30-45 minutes between bfing and solids and my DD would over eat solids then. If you already bf first, it could be that your milk supply is low and he's not getting enough milk. Perhaps work on increasing your supply. Try pumping after he has fed. I'm sure there are also other things you can do also if this is the case.
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  • I'm going to play devil's advocate here and say as long as you are offering BM first, and you're offering a wide variety of healthy foods (e.g., meats, veggies, yogurt - more than just rice cereal) there's nothing wrong with him eating whatever solids he wants. My pediatrician is a believer that kids should be allowed to wean and transition to solids when they want. OK, maybe not at 4 months - but she's said between 9-12 months is very normal for a baby to start losing interest in BFing and start eating significantly more solid food. (And she's very supportive of continued BFing).
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  • I have been waiting between breastfeeding and solids so I will start feeding solids right after. Usually he has solids about an hour after he wakes. Then after naps he breastfeeds. Thanks for all of the advise!
  • Wow, I will have to try solids right after FF. I too have been waiting a bit between bottle ans solids.
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  • Yea, I couldn't figure out why my DD would just keep eating more and more solids and then at her next feeding, wouldn't drink very milk. So I called the Public Health Nurse. She suggested bf/giving her a bottle and then immediately giving her solids. And guess what, it worked. My DD would have her milk/bf and then eat solids and seem to get full much sooner. And then at her next feeding, she would drink all of her milk/bf for a normal amount of time. Hope this helps you too.

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